The Offical Home of Chamber Blues and the Siegel-Schwall Blues Band

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Bracing and Entertaining * Immensely Practical Insights * Masterful * Insightful * Most Powerful Musicianship Tool * Hallelujah! * What a Fantastic Work!
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Jazz, Classical, Rock, Blues, Rap, Folk, Pop, World Music ...

This book offers a revolutionary tool that will transform and deepen the evocative power of music for musicians overnight. While this is a ground-breaking guide book for professionals and teachers as well as students and hobbyists, it is also an entertaining and inspiring exploration for anyone interested in the world of artistic expression.

"I'm walking around rather amazed today. I spent some time practicing this morning, playing Bach and exploring your ideas and suggestions. What has occurred defies description. The way I play seems to have fundamentally changed and improved overnight. I can't actually believe it, but I think it is true." Michael Miles - Music Education Director - Old Town School

"Let Your Music Soar returns music to those who love and make it. Corky Siegel's book -- so beautifully accompanied by Holly's pointed and amusing artwork -- offers immensely practical insights into how to draw out the music that is within us and share it with others. Thirty years of trial, error, and joy have been distilled into a bracing and entertaining brew." - Scott Simon - Peabody Award Winner, Host of NPR's Week-end Edition


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More About "Let Your Music Soar": The Emotional Connection
Peter Krammer's Preface to the Book
Corky Siegel's Introduction to the Book
Three Excerpts from the Book
     The Artist and the Critic      Definition of Music      Out of the Box
Graphic: Zones of Physical Intensity (and how they might feel)
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