Updated 6/15/18 - 10 am


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Chihsuan arrives a day early at LAX Friday 6/22 by 9:30 AM for 11:30 am departure.

Fri., June 22 - DEPART LAX:  at 11:30 AM - SW 2157 - Conformation: RGLKGV
Arrive Kansas City Mo at 4:55 PM
HOTEL: Hilton Kansas City Airport Itinerary # 7358618540921  (Under "Corky Siegel")

Kids Arrive MIDWAY Saturday 6/23 by 4:30 AM for 6:30 am departure
Jaime, Jocelyn, Corky & Holly
(See Dave Below)

AIR Confirmation: RE5P3H   (  KALYAN is TGI2BU  )

Sat Jun 23 - DEPART MIDWAY: :  SW Flight 4037
DEPART CHICAGO (MIDWAY), IL (MDW) on Southwest Airlines at 06:30 AM
Arrive in KANSAS CITY, MO (MCI) at 07:50 AM
Travel Time 1 hrs 20 mins
Rent Cars DRIVE to Pittsburg Kansas WITH CHIHSUAN approx 2 hours

RETURN TO KANSAS CITY: ALL KIDS INCLUDING CHIHSUAN & DAVE: Sun Jun 24 - Depart Hotel at 3 AM for Kansas City Airport
SW Flight 4938
Depart KANSAS CITY, MO (MCI) on Southwest Airlines at 07:25 AM
Arrive in CHICAGO (MIDWAY), IL (MDW) at 08:50 AM
Travel Time 1 hrs 25 mins
DAVES CONFORMATION #: WKOI7X (7 is the only number  WK oh eye 7X) 


June 23 - 8 AM - Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Saint Louis, MO - 2233 Washington Ave, Saint Louis
Drop - June 23 - 1 PM - Enterprise Rent-A-Car - Pittsburg KS - 401 S Broadway St, Pittsburg (1 minute from Colonial Fox Theatre and 10 minutes from Hampton Inn)

Sun June 24: Depart Hotel at 3 AM and drive to Kansas City Airport (2 cars) 2 hr drive
Want to arrive at airport by 5 AM to return 3 cars and check in 2 hours ahead
RETURN FLIGHT TO CHICAGO: Kansas City MO to Chicago:  AIR Confirmation: RFUPSZ   
SW Flight 4938
Depart KANSAS CITY, MO (MCI) on Southwest Airlines at 07:25 AM
Arrive in CHICAGO (MIDWAY), IL (MDW) at 08:50 AM
Air Travel Time 1 hrs 25 mins


Holly Reservation # 20089922US6  AVIS (Ford Escape) email reservation in email travel folder

Jocelyn Itinerary Number is 589961926 - PAYLESS - Dodge Grand Caravan (paid Jocelyn 5/19/18)

Travel time to Pittsburg KS = 2 hours+

Dave Conf. #  1266295617COUNT  Enterprise from St. Louis to Pittsburg  (travel time 5 hrs) (pd Dave 6/22/18)

Hotel - note: Check in is at 3 pm. We are trying for an early check-in

Hampton Inn & Suites Pittsburg Kansas Crossing - 1285 U.S. 69 HWY, Pittsburg, KS 66762 - Phone: 620-231-3100
Conformation Number for All Rooms:  831411231   (10 minutes from venue & Signet Coffee Roasters)

Day Schedule

Colonial Fox Theatre - 409 N. Broadway
2:00 PM Load-in
3:15 Kalyan Load-in
4:00 PM Strings and full soundcheck

Coffee & Food

Signet Coffee Roasters  - our local coffee house and they are great.  They are at 109 N. Broadway next to the venue
Restaurant: Bamboo at 808 N Broadway St - bad reviews - but hey Pittsburg KS  :-)

FEE is $500

Just a note regarding the fee if this is any confusion: Originally it was proposed that if we did the 9 hour drive with a 4 AM departure and a 9 hour drive back to Chicago the fee would be $650 considering the more than extra travel effort.  It was also stated that if we fly the fee would be $500 especially considering the extra expense of flying.  Flying was always the more realistic option. 




1:15 PM Load-In Set Up
2:00 PM Soundcheck Piano, Vocals, Harmonica (set up percussion)
2:15 PM Soundcheck Percussion
2:30 PM Full Soundcheck with String Quartet and Lynne Jordan
3:30 or 4 PM - Rehearsal
6:00 PM Door Open


11:00 AM CST: Load-In Set Up
11:45 AM CST: Soundcheck Piano, Vocals, Harmonica
12:15 PM CST: Set up and Soundcheck Percussion
1:00 PM CST: Full Soundcheck with String Quartet and Lynne Jordan
3:00 PM CST Doors Open
4:00 PM CST - Showtime
6:30 PM CST - Meet and Greet
7:00 PM CST Load Out