Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues Welcomes the IRIS ORCHESTRA.
Our new album, DIFFERENT VOICES is available here (CD & Digital).
$5 from each & every item will go back to support IRIS ORCHESTRA
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Most Recent Quotes on DIFFERENT VOICES

"An incredible array of guests... breaks down the 4th wall... so cinematic that it’s better than most of the movies coming out these days. This is smoking out of the ordinary ...Totally killer stuff throughout " - Chris Spector - Midwest Record

"May well be some of the most original and innovative music I have heard in a while." - Ear to the Ground

See you in early May for residency and concerts at Iris Orchestra

Different Voices - CD (IRIS)

Signed and Dated by Corky Siegel - Chamber Blues Different Voices Album - w/12 pg booklet - $5 total shipping and handling for any number of items in one order (USA only).  $5 donated to IRIS for each item.

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Different Voices - Hi-Quality MP3 (IRIS)

MP3 of Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues - Different Voices Album. $5 donated to IRIS program for this download.

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This is a performance of Angel Food Cake from one of the tracks on the new album