Different Voices


Different Voices


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$5 total shipping and handling for any number of CDs or Books in one order (USA only).  Corky will sign/date each item & ship when he's home in Chicago.

Track Listing:

1. Missing Persons Blues - Op. 26 (featuring Ernie Watts) by C. Siegel

2. One - (featuring Matthew Santos) - by C. & H. Siegel

3. Time Will Tell Overture - Op. 25 (featuring Sandeep Das) by C. Siegel

4. Lay Down Sally - (featuring Marcy Levy) by E. Clapton, M. Levy, G. Terry arr Siegel

5. Angel Food Cake - by C. Siegel

6. Shadows in a Shoebox - (featuring Matthew Santos) by M. Santos. arr. Siegel

7. I'll Fly Away - (Sons of the Never Wrong) by E. Brumley Sr. arr. Siegel

8. Italian Shuffle - by C. Siegel & Flip Flop & Fly by Calhoun, Turner. arr. Siegel (featuring Sam Lay)

9. Galloping Horses - (Featuring Chihsuan Yang) by Huang Hai. arr Siegel

10. Counter Intuitive - Op. 24 - Part 1 - by C. Siegel

11. Counter Intuitive - Op. 24 - Part 2 (featuring Dave Moss) - by C. Siegel

12.  The Sky Will Fall - by C. Siegel



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