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FOR REHEARSAL 1/10/19 at 10 AM
For 1/11, 13/2019 (and also 2/10/2019)

CAST: Jaime, AZUSA, Dave, Jocelyn, Kalyan (TRACY)

New to Azusa*** Slightly New to Azusa**

1. Opus 24 >>>
2. Livin’ the Blues (kalyan hand drum to tabla then tracy)***
3. L’ECTRIC CHAIR - just tracy and corky
4. Opus 15/16
5. Angel Food Cake
6. Italian Shuffle (Feel So Good version) tracy on pno**
7. Walk Away***

8. Opus 17
1. Serenade
2. Howlin’ for my Darlin***
3. Our Love (Tracy Key and version)**
4. Twisted (Old Twisted or New? TRACY’s Choice)***
5. Johnny Bongo
6. Opus 4.2 (right into harmonica solo section)
7. Down So Low***
8. Idaho with Tracy (send Tracy out on my cue) “Every Day of the Week”

Set List for 2/10/2019 - LIVE @ 210 - CAST: Jaime, AZUSA, Dave, Jocelyn, Kalyan

The boldface*** tunes are the ones we need extra time to rehearse for 2/10

OP 24
OP 14***
Italian (normal version harp)
OP 15/16
OP 17
Uptown Shoes (from SymBlues#6)***
New Twisted
Our Love in C***
Johnny Bongo
Op. 4.2 (right into Harmonica solo section)
Missing Persons***