For professionals, students, presenters and educators searching for a fresh perspective in the art of understanding music, creating music, and performing music. 

“Corky Siegel’s methods for finding dynamic expression inside yourself will forever change the way your band, chorus, or orchestra approaches music. It is that profound a tool.”  - David Roche, Ph.D. Director, Office of Arts Education, Chicago Public Schools

Corky Siegel and the Chamber Blues ensemble offers several unique and entertaining educational programs that can also feature collaborations with the participants at the concert. One day or one week, the programs will be both innovative and fun.

Music and the Joy of Diversity

This is an orchestrated presentation by Corky Siegel's Chamber Blues that is great for a diverse range of audiences, from mixed age groups to a single class or school. “Music and the Joy of Diversity” was originally written to create an illustration for college professors to help clean the slate of pre-conceptions about music. It was soon adapted to all audiences and is loved by young children as well as the hopelessly intellectual.  It's based on a story that features a cave man that is the first to discover music when he stumbles on a Steinway grand piano at the back of a cave.  He becomes mesmorized by his own exploration of the joyful musical elements. The presentation creates an environment where the true power and beauty of music is revealed, and the celebration of diversity becomes the coolest thing on earth.  (Or is the term now; "the most awesome thing on earth." ??

Master Class on Expression

For over forty years, Corky Siegel has been sharing with musicians all over the world, professionals as well as beginners, an uplifting approach that taps the natural dynamic power in their music with amazing results. He is experienced in coaching every genre, grouping and skill level, including chamber music ensembles, soloists, singers, choral groups, orchestras, drum lines, jazz bands, rock bands, and concert bands. The master classes are customized specifically for the needs of the institution, the music director and the participants.  There are orchestrated sections and illustrations that are performed by the Chamber Blues which bring the master class alive in a new way when the ensemble members are available.

Corky's Description OF MASTERCLASS

My workshop focuses on the transformative power of dynamic expansion. I will offer the participants (students, teachers, and professionals) a most practical technique that is surprisingly simple and easy to master.  It will, on the spot, improve richness of tone, technique, and make a performance more interesting, exciting, mesmerizing, musical, fun, and fulfilling for the audience, but most importantly for the performer.  The continued application of this approach, anytime it is applied, will reconnect the performer to the muse and keep the floodgates to expression wide open. And isn’t this why we play music in the first place? - Corky Siegel


I am walking around rather amazed today. I spent some time practicing this morning, playing Bach and exploring your ideas and suggestions. What has occurred defies description. I know you've seen the impact this has on people--you can add me to the list. The way I play seems to have fundamentally changed and improved overnight.Michael Miles, Music Education Director - Old Town School - Chicago

We also have support material including posters and a book that supports both presentations. 

Corky’s book “Let Your Music Soar”

“Let Your Music Soar returns music to those who love and make it. Corky Siegel’s book — so beautifully accompanied by Holly’s pointed and amusing artwork — offers immensely practical insights into how to draw out the music that is within us and share it with others. Thirty years of trial, error, and joy have been distilled into a bracing and entertaining brew.”
– Scott Simon – Peabody Award Winner, Host of NPR’s Week-end Edition